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Target To Top is a software development company offering IT Solutions, Software Development Services and Consulting based in Alexandria, Egypt.

TTT also builds own products, develops solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. Target To Top has its business with internal & outsourcing contracts for offshore software development and evolve into a solution provider with a number of services that meet most of its client’s outsourcing needs.

TTT has trained resources and has developed best practices for .NET application development using Microsoft’s .NET architecture.
What we do the Best?
The growth of the Internet has led to an explosion in demand for web applications, especially those involving database functionality. If you think about it, most sites that you probably interact with (eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google Search, etc.) all have database capabilities. If a site is dynamic it almost always has a database driving it.
Today, web development is extremely popular, but sometimes a rich Windows application provides the optimal solution. Web-based applications have come a long way, but there are still situations when a Windows application results in the best solution.
Mobile devices (also known as smartphones) provide powerful database capabilities, allowing your organization to reach new levels of productivity and reduce costs. Typically these devices connect to central database servers, and provide sync capabilities.
We offer several tiers of hosting with competitive prices to suit your needs.
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Address: 7, El-Mohamdes Ramadan Hussein st, Ibrahimia, Alexandria, Egypt.